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The Service

The Continuous Disinfection Device (CDD)


The Problem

It is generally accepted that the air we breathe in buildings large and small – including hospitals, office buildings, factories, transit hubs, and most other indoor public venues – contains a significant amount of pathogens (including viruses, bacteria and fungi) and allergens.  The current pandemic caused by the Covid-19 virus and the threat of future pandemics has demonstrated the devastating cultural, economic, and human toll on our global society.

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Continuous Disinfection Device

The Solution

Health Benefits

  • Our CDD interdicts (slows, deters and/or stops) the spread of nearly all common airborne pathogens such as viruses and bacteria and fungi at or approaching 99.9999% rate on a single pass thru the CDD device.  Fungi is interdicted at or approaching 99.1%
  • The effective interdiction rate for the Coronavirus achieved by our CDD approaches 100% in most cases

Building Performance

  • Our CDD technology can lower the carbon emissions of the buildings which they occupy. A CDD system installed and operating in a building will manage the stratification of the indoor air and result in significantly less energy exerted to heat and cool the space.

Service Description

The CDD unit has the capacity to complete a disinfection cycle every 20 minutes for a fully occupied 1,000 square foot room.  Phrased differently, the CDD unit performs 72 full-room air disinfection cycles per day while operating continuously (24/7/365).  The supply and return airflow is optimized using Computational Fluid Dynamic software, creating custom solutions for the room(s) we serve.

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