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CDD Machine

Why You Need Our CDD

The Continuous Disinfection Device is a steel optoelectronic air-handling device that uses industry leading UVC light concentration to disable the DNA/RNA of viruses, bacteria and fungi, effectively reducing or eliminating their infectivity. Our CDD integrates professional engineering and software-enabled airflow modeling to create custom solutions for indoor spaces of any type or size.

The CDD has the capacity to complete a disinfection cycle approximately every 20 minutes for a fully occupied 1,500 square foot room. Our market research shows that the 50 Cities CDD technology is unparalleled in offering high air volume processing while maintaining industry leading pathogen deactivation (kill) rates.

Our CDD technology can lower the carbon emissions of the buildings in which they occupy. The CDD system will manage the stratification of the indoor air and result in significantly less energy needed to heat and cool the space.

The Benefits

  • Deactivates the Coronavirus and new variants within seconds
  • Industry-leading deactivation rates for over 400 families of airborne biological pathogens and their future mutations*
  • Industry-leading air volume processing*
  • Continuous, 24/7/365 disinfection
  • Safe operation allows for occupancy of the space (you are never exposed to UVC)
  • Potential reduction in HVAC operating costs and associated greenhouse gases
  • Patented, White Paper Supported, Field Sample Validated
  • Commercial design and construction. Expected lifetime = decades
  • Low $ per square foot installation and maintenance costs
  • Prospective worker productivity gains via clean air environment
  • Potential lifestyle improvements for asthmatics and immune-compromise

*according to market research.

Installation & Maintenance

The technology is simple, safe and economical to install/maintain. The steps are as follows:

  • Fasten the CDD and flexible air ducts in accordance with an Engineering schematic
  • Install an electrical circuit to power the CDD
  • Perform a post-installation quality assurance check of system operation
  • Change UVC light bulbs annually and filters bi-annually

Compare To Leading Competition

  CDD Leading Competitor 1 Leading Competitor 2
(UVC wattage)
998* 15 88
42,000 3,600 12,600

*includes reflection

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