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CDD Frequently Asked Questions


What is a CDD and how does it work?

CDD is a steel optoelectronic device that utilizes intense UVC light concentration to interdict viruses, bacteria, and fungi then disables the DNA of the organisms, effectively reducing their infectivity.  Our CDD designs integrate professional engineering and software-enabled airflow modeling to mirror airflow patterns in the rooms serviced by CDD.  The room-specific airflow modeling ensures that a cleaner air environment will result from the proper application and use of a CDD unit

Is UVC safe for myself, my associates, and clients?

The CDD unit is designed with safety in mind. The enclosure which houses the UVC lamps maximizes exposure to the airborne pathogens while eliminating the chance of exposure to the inhabitants of the room. The unit is even equipped with shutoff switches which power down the unit while regular maintenance is performed.

I have multiple spaces that would apply. Does that disqualify me?

Not necessarily. The airflow modeling software will ultimately guide the decision, but the CDD design allows for application in most commercial settings. It’s common for the CDD to serve multiple rooms and still boast the same benefits.

How loud is it?

45 – 60 decibels. For context, a household refrigerator runs at approximately 55 decibels. Our CDD is designed with the flexibility to be mounted above drop ceilings or in attics.  In the majority of cases where this applies our clients have been very satisfied with the quiet operation of the CDD

Continuous Disinfection Device

How much time is required for a typical installation?

Subject to room complexities the typical installation takes 1-2 days

What does a typical installation entail?

The standard approach is:

  • Fasten the CDD to the designed location
  • Install flexible air ducts and associated air diffusers (grills) in accordance with engineering schematic
  • Install an electrical circuit to power the CDD
  • Test operation and leave the unit running

What are the dimensions of the CDD?

Length: 73.25”
Width: 32.38”
Depth: 10.37″

What are the general maintenance guidelines?

We recommend replacing the air filter after the first 30 days of operation

  • After the 30-day replacement proceed with changing the filter bi-annually

Change the UVC bulbs annually regardless of working status

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The language and numbers contained in this document should not be understood by any current or future reader, in whole or in part, to be anything more complete and accurate than guidance toward techniques and technologies that may benefit the health and well being of large populations of humans and animals over long periods of time. No greater consistent level of precision and accuracy is intended or claimed than is ordinarily achieved in the conduct and outcomes of medical diagnoses and prescriptions which are always trial and error exercises that are always subject to change based on real world outcomes that are different than theoretical outcomes.  Furthermore, it is important that the reader acknowledge that the multi-$trillion size of the global healthcare markets has led to some blurring of the exact semantic meaning of words such as “disinfect, disable, destroy, stop, kill, as examples”.   No usage of the same or similar words in the descriptions of 50 Cities, Inc. technical or business activities is meant to imply that 50 Cities, Inc. is engaging in the practice of medicine in any way, shape or form. 

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